Weekly Lawn Mowing

Franco American Mowing specializes in residential lawn mowing. We exclusively use small, commercial, twenty one inch lawn mowers, which produce professional, neat results, as if you had mowed your lawn yourself. Many customers who employed companies that use large lawn mowers switch to our company and are immediately happy with the difference our small lawn mowers make. Our blades are sharpened daily, and we follow our customers’ requests as to whether to bag or recycle the clippings, and as to what height to cut their grass.

Our mowing service consists of mowing all areas of lawn specified by customer, trimming all tight spaces around house and around all trees. The service also includes bagging the grass clippings, and edging the sidewalk with an edger blade, as well as blowing any grass debris to leave a clean, aesthetically pleasing yard when finished. Direction of mowing is changed every week, to keep the grass healthy and to leave a tidy, sharp look to the lawn.

Lawn mowing is performed on a weekly basis, from late March/early April until the first or second week of November, depending on weather and customers’ requests. At the start of service, customers are designated a specific mowing day between Monday and Friday, depending on customers’ needs and what days we travel to specific service areas. We pride ourselves in being punctual and dependable. Aside from weather conditions that might prevent us from mowing on a particular day, you can rely on us to mow your lawn each week on your designated day.