Franco American Mowing provides mulching services anytime during the year.

Our long-standing customers usually request this service in the Spring, at the same time they request our Yard Clean-up service, and/or in the Fall.

Preparation of the beds is the first step of the mulching process, which includes weeding, reshaping and re-edging perimeters of beds, and removing any old, rotted mulch.

New mulch is then spread evenly throughout beds at a depth of two to three inches, and then is padded down to give it a perfect look.

Franco American Mowing uses a premium, double shredded bark mulch, which has a beautiful, brown color and blends well with surrounding plants and flowers. We also offer other types of mulch, including Hardwood, colored, black and red mulch, upon customer request.

We also will perform just the labor of prepping the beds and laying the mulch if customer has purchased mulch themselves.