Leaf Removal

Franco American Mowing offers a full leaf removal service in the Fall.

Long term customers utilize this service year after year, knowing they can count on us to keep their yard free of leaves throughout the months of October, November and December.

Leaf removal consists of blowing all leaves in yard, as well as removing all debris and sticks. Leaves and debris are bagged and put on the curb for trash pick up. In some cases, we blow the leaves into an area of woods upon customers’ request. The last step of the leaf removal service is mowing customers’ lawns at a short height so as to vacuum up all leftover, small debris.

This results in a clean lawn which is free and clear of leaves and debris and ready for Winter.

Our leaf removal service is done on a first come, first serve basis.

Customers choose whatever weeks they would like us to come. Some ask to have the leaves removed once or twice, and other may want leaves removed up to three or four times.

Customers can rest assured that Franco American Mowing will individualize their leaf removal program to suit their specific preferences.